Wood Storage Shed Maintenance

We believe metal is better, but, we offer a check list for maintaining wood buildings below:

At Sheds Texas, we have always believed that steel is the best covering for most utility buildings in most cases. Metal clad buildings are durable and modern coating technologies keep steel storage buildings looking good long after most wood or composite buildings have rotted beyond their usefulness. and for these reasons, they represent the best value over the long haul. This is a belief we still hold.

Reasons for owning a wood storage shed

While this is true, it is also true that many people will still find reasons to buy a wood storage building. One reason is initial cost, another is Home Owners Associations, who persist in the belief that all metal buildings are like their grandfathers old tin building. At any rate, and for whatever reason, we wanted to add some information on maintaining wood storage sheds for the best longevity possible.

Preventing moisture is the key

Moisture is second only to fire as the enemy of wood. To preserve your wooden structure, you need to prevent moisture from getting into the wood. This is accomplished with paint, stain, or some other type of wood preservative, to seal the moisture out. The edges and ends are most susceptible. The will need extra protection where they are exposed, or joined. This is the job of caulking and trim.

Develop a maintenance schedule

The best way to go about this is to have a schedule for cleaning, painting and sealing your wooden building. This is best done once a year, or at worst, every 18 months.

Wood storage shed maintenance checklist and tips

Please follow the order listed below. If you caulk the building, and then realize you need to level it, your caulking may separate when the building is being leveled.

  • Check the building for levelness. Do this first.
  • Check for wood to ground contact and correct this by adding concrete blocks if needed.
  • Check for termite trails on the sides of any concrete blocks.
  • Completely clean the entire building exterior. This is important for finding potential problems, and for assuring a clean surface that your coating can adhere to.
  • Check for missing or damaged shingles.
  • Remove any brush, limbs, or other debris.
  • Check the edges of the eves and overhangs to make sure that there is nothing rotting there. If there is any potential damage from moisture in this area, you should consider adding, or extending metal flashing.
  • Check directly under the roof, where it contacts the outside of the building, caulk any places where there are gaps. To check this, go inside the building , look around the top of the walls for light, and caulk until you can’t find any.
  • Check the corners of the building, once again, look for gaps, and caulk accordingly.
  • Check around doors, and windows.
  • Check the door and window weather stripping.
  • Check the siding, and caulk any exposed nail or screw holes.
wood sheds on Texas lot

Apply your paint, stain, or wood preservative only when these other steps have been taken, and the building is clean and dry.

If you do these things, it will increase the longevity of your building, and the building will stay in good condition as long as you do. When you stop, your wood storage shed will deteriorate.

Used Storage Buildings For Sale

Also see: Used Sheds For Sale for more information and nation wide coverage.

Leland’s Preowned Has a large selection of Used Buildings.

Are you looking for a used storage building or storage shed? If so, check the comments section of this page. We have offered the opportunity for individuals with used storage sheds and used storage buildings for sale to add their listing to the comment section.

Please note, that we are not selling the buildings, individuals are selling the buildings, and any deals are between you and the seller, and have nothing to do with Sheds Texas. We will not negotiate, or be the middle man in any transaction.

You may also advertise your needs for a used building in the comment section as well as the Sell Your Used Storage Shed Online page. When doing this, you will need to put your email address in your comment, and let us know when you find what you need, so we can remove it to prevent further contacts.


If you are selling a building, we have a suggestion: Get a listing for your shed on sites like Ebay and Craigslist, then add a link to those pages in the comment section along with a detailed description of the building you are selling. That way you do not have to leave an email address here, you can simply use the contacts on the other services.

Storage Sheds What They Are

Storage Sheds | What They Are

What is a storage shed?

Storage sheds, what they are, at least in common use today, are buildings made for the purpose of storing materials. They are used for many purposes, including workshops, home offices, hobby shops, video game rooms, and even home gyms.

Storage sheds for storage, and much more!

Because of their wide variety of uses, storage sheds would probably be better called portable utility buildings, but whatever you choose to call them, with just a little creative thinking,  they can add a lot to your lifestyle.

Strictly speaking, a shed is a flat roof, “lean to” type building with the legs on one side taller than the legs on the other side, allowing water to “shed” off the roof. This type of building is commonly found attached to the side of an existing building, and sometimes it forms the basis for a carport attached to a home. Shed type buildings are often built independently as pole barns for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Storage sheds in today’s language

Today, what most folks mean when they mention a shed, is the common portable utility building used in back yards for the purpose of storage or meeting some other need, as in “wood shed”, “storage shed”, “tool shed”, or “garden shed”. Storage sheds are not just for storage anymore! For more information on storage building uses see: Why do I need a storage shed.

Storage Shed Extras And Accessories

What storage shed extras are available?

Storage sheds usually show up with just the basic walls, roof and floor, but don’t settle. There are lots of options to help you outfit your building to suit your purposes.

Your local dealer, and for that matter, even online storage shed kit dealers will have a number of extras to choose from. If they don’t mention them up front, ask about them.

The most common storage building extras and accessories:

  • Extra windows, or different window sizes.
  • Extra doors, or different door sizes.
  • Insulation.
  • Entry ramps.
  • Shelves.
  • Work benches.
  • Peg boards for hanging tools.
  • Lofts.
  • Extra blocking.

Some suppliers may even offer electric lighting and wall outlets, various types of plumbing, or even paneling. You will want to ask about these things if you need them.

Online storage shed dealers will have such extras as floor kits and anchor kits as well as other accessories related to the particular product you are looking at. You can check through their products on their website.

Sell Your Used Storage Shed Online

Leland’s Preowned has a large selection of used buildings in Texas.

Lots of folks contact us looking for used storage sheds. Problem is, that we don’t have any used storage sheds, but many of you do!

We thought we would offer you the opportunity to connect with people who might be willing to plop down some cold hard cash for that building you need to get rid of, and do both of you a good service.

We are not going to negotiate any deals for anyone, and will not act as a middle man for any deals, but, if you would like to list your used storage building in the comment section of our Used Storage Buildings For Sale page, you are welcome to work out any deal you can with people who might contact you.

You will need to leave your email address so that potential buyers can contact you, and let us know via email when it sells so that we can mark it as sold, and remove your email address.

No dealers please.

Rent To Own Storage Buildings Texas

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Should you buy a building outright, finance through a bank, or rent to own? Storage sheds can help to simplify your life, but you don’t want to complicate your financial situation. So, should you rent to own storage buildings, or not? What is the truth?

Rent to own, in spite of what you may have heard, is a great way to purchase a building. Keep a couple of things in mind when thinking about it:

Things you should know about Texas rent to own buildings 

These things apply to rent to own in Texas. Keep in mind that laws and regulations may differ somewhat from state to state.

  • If you are paying a monthly fee for a public storage rental, the lease to own storage shed price per month will probably be about the same as you are paying for an equal amount of space with public storage, but in the end you will own something you can continue to use!
  • Even if your payments are a little more than the payments for a public storage cave, you don’t have to drive across town to get to it. This saves you both time, and money for fuel, which can add up to a significant amount if you value your time, and with current fuel costs.

When you purchase through most lease purchase programs you have several advantages over bank financing:

  • You don’t have to worry about your credit before the purchase. Most storage shed lease purchase programs don’t require a credit check. Be sure to ask your dealer about this.
  • You don’t have to worry about your credit after the purchase. Most rent to own programs don’t report to credit agencies in the event of default, so your credit will not be hit if you do have a problem, or no longer need the building. Once again, you should ask your dealer about this, and if this is not true of them, you can search for a dealer that will meet your needs. We have a list of quality storage shed dealers in Texas who will.
  • Most lease purchase programs allow you to pay the building off early without penalty, actually saving the cost of the remaining rental if you do. This gives you lots of options that most banks won’t offer.
  • If you find yourself in a tough financial circumstance, you can return your building without any financial suffering, and no hits on your credit, and you won’t be responsible for paying off the remainder of your rental contract. Would your bank do the same with a loan?
  • If you purchase a high quality storage shed of the type we recommend, you will have more than 25 years of service from the buildings with no maintenance costs. If you average the cost of the building over the lifetime of the building, it will only cost you a few dollars a year, compared to renting public storage, which will be several hundred per year!
  • In many cases, if you use your storage building for business purposes, you can use the rent as a tax “write off”.

There are a few things you will need if you want to lease to own a storage building.

  • Contact information for family and friends, the more the better.
  • Your own personal and contact information. This would include email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • The money for the first months payment, and a deposit.
  • Your banking information if you plan to do an automatic draft.

Lease to own is also known as; rental purchase. Standard rental purchase agreements have many things in common, but there may be some variations. Check with your utility building dealer for the exact details.

A cottage style storage shed ready to rent

Metal Storage Buildings Wood Storage Buildings

Which storage buildings are the best for your needs? Which Type of storage building is best for you? There has always been a lot of debate in the industry on this subject, the truth is that both are right, but under different circumstances. It mostly depends on your purposes. There are many building materials used in the manufacture of utility buildings, but the two most common are wood and steel. Each has it’s unique strengths and inherent weakness. One may be better suited to one set of needs than the other.

Metal storage buildings

If you are looking for long term durability, with low maintenance, a metal building, or steel storage building is probably what you want. Most of our modern metal storage buildings are built with sheet steel which is galvanized and well painted. These coverings are attractive and available in many colors, which can match almost any color combination on your property. Metal buildings are durable and need little in the way of special care. As a general rule, steel buildings are initially more expensive than wooden buildings.

Wood storage buildings

If you are dealing with a home owners association, or don’t mind spending a little time and money on maintaining your storage building, a wood storage building may be right for you. Wood storage buildings can be great in many situations, but they do require some attention to keep them looking good and doing their job properly. Painting and caulking should be done every year to 18 months to keep them weather proof. Composite shingle roofs may need attention from time to time as well. Wooden utility buildings usually have a lower initial cost.

Steel offers many advantages including durability and less maintenance, wood offers the advantage of lower initial cost and acceptability as far as home owner associations are concerned. Both have their place. There is one over riding issue that should be considered with either:

Quality materials and workmanship

Whatever building type you decide on, check for good construction techniques, and quality materials. No matter what type of building material is used, if it is not quality material, built with quality workmanship, you will not be happy in the long run.

Metal Building Prices And Quotes

Get fast, free metal building quotes for building almost anything your heart desires:

How To Buy Storage Sheds

You can now choose and buy a utility building online from the comfort of your own home, without even leaving the chair you are sitting in, from companies that you already trust. It is secure, it is simple, and the selection is amazing! We offer the option to buy popular storage shed kits from Amazon and Sears. Amazon is a long standing online business with a tremendous record, and Sears is the retail catalog standard for the world. Both offer great prices on great products. We have also partnered with Barns.com to offer our readers the best in steel buildings, at the best prices on the market! You can even design your own using their online design tool!

Other ways to buy:

There are a lot of ways to buy a storage shed. The best way to begin your local shopping is to visit with your local dealer and go over the details one by one.

  • You will need to know how much space you have available for such a building.
  • You will need to deal with the issue of accessibility, that is how the building will be placed into position. Is there a gate smaller than the building you need? Does your dealer offer a “built on site” option?

Most suppliers have a variety of buildings on their lot, but if they do not have what you are looking for, they will often build one to your specifications. If this is what you need to do, this is how you will go about it

  • The best suppliers will have a list of building prices for basic building sizes. These buildings can then be tailored to suit your needs by adding extras and accessories like different doors and windows, lofts, or shelving.
  • Once your building is picked out at the lot, or designed on paper in the office, a method of payment will need to be determined. Most places will accept cash, credit cards, or checks, some offer help with financial institutions who provide home improvement loans, and alternative ways such as “rent to own”, or “3 payments same as cash”.
  • Once the financial paperwork is taken care of, the dealer will need a little delivery information, such as which way the building will need to be loaded to allow for proper offloading at your location, directions to your location, and any other specific information you can provide to make the job more efficient.

Garden Sheds Garden Storage Sheds Greenhouses

Gardens and gardeners need storage space, and a place to work when potting plants and making other garden preparations. There are materials to store. There are tools to keep safe and dry. There are plants to be potted and for the serious gardener, there may even be a need for a place to start plants early, or keep something growing throughout the winter months. Fortunately, there are garden sheds and garden storage sheds, potting sheds and greenhouses available at fair prices that are perfect for the backyard gardener.

Garden Sheds.

Garden sheds can be used for tool storage, material storage, and even pesticide storage if you like. A metal garden shed, galvanized and painted, will last for many years with a minimum of maintenance. Wood can also be a good material if you don’t mind spending some time, energy, and money to keep your garden shed in good shape.

Potting Sheds

A potting bench can be easily installed if your garden shed is to be used as a potting shed, as can a work bench, ramps, peg boards for hanging tools, and a variety of other accessories to make your garden experience better. If you want any of these, and you don’t want to go to the trouble of building them for yourself, you can ask your supplier and they can probably have them added for you.


All gardens can benefit from a greenhouse. Greenhouses can be built or purchased for less than you might imagine, and can extend your growing and gardening season to the entire year. A little tip here: Get one a lot bigger than you think you will need, because your inner horticulturalist will really kick in once you discover the many possibilities of greenhouse growing! Greenhouses can be fitted with accessories like potting benches, growing racks, and and many other appropriate amenities to help you with your greenhouse growing chores.

There is a list of portable building companies in Texas available here. Contact one of them and kick your gardening activities into high gear!