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The big shed question

A lot of people ask us whether they should buy a prebuilt storage building, buy a kit, hire a contractor, or build a shed for themselves. It is a good question, and after spending a few years contemplating the best answer, we realized that there is really not a good overall answer to the question!

It is a little more complex

Dealing with your storage shed needs is a lot like any other issue in your life. it is to complex to answer with a yes or know, or multiple choice quiz. It depends on your needs, your resources, your skills and abilities, your drive, and your temperament, and we don’t know all of those things about you. It is something you will have to decide for yourself.

But, don’t lose heart

In the process of hashing this out, we did come up with a few pretty simple ideas to use as general guidelines though, and we decided to share those here.

To build a shed, or to buy a shed: What we think

It boils down to needs, as related to space, and resources as they relate to money available for getting the job done.

Buy a shed or shed kit if:

If you just need a simple small shed for tossing in a few garden tools or boxes, you are probably better off buying a small prebuilt shed and having it moved onto your property, or buying a small plastic shed, or a simple shed kit and popping it together yourself. This can be done pretty cheaply, and pretty quickly, and then your done…at least for a while.

Build a shed if:

If you want something more elaborate, say, for something like a garage, a shop, an office, home entertainment, or a backyard guest room, building your own will save you a substantial amount of money over buying a more elaborate prebuilt structure, or having one built on your property by a contractor. It’s about as simple as that.

This is true, especially if you have some skill with tools, or if you have a background in one of the building related trades. It is also true if you don’t, and you are willing to spend a little of the money you will save to get a guide to help with the things you might not think about otherwise, like planning the layout, putting together a materials list, and making the right cuts in the right places the first time.


Luckily, such guides do exist, and are available to provide the information you need to get it right the first time, and for a price that costs you less than getting it wrong the first time. We have 2 such plans in mind. Both offer the plans and guidance you need, and both offer a lot more besides, and either will be a real bargain when you decide to build.

Woodworking plans including shed plans

Shed building plans including some woodworking extras

Either of these will give you the guidance you need, each has a slightly different emphasis. They are about the best products of their type on the market, and will pay for themselves with your first project, and will do so again and again with any succeeding projects.

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