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Which storage buildings are the best for your needs? Which Type of storage building is best for you? There has always been a lot of debate in the industry on this subject, the truth is that both are right, but under different circumstances. It mostly depends on your purposes. There are many building materials used in the manufacture of utility buildings, but the two most common are wood and steel. Each has it’s unique strengths and¬†inherent¬†weakness. One may be better suited to one set of needs than the other.

Metal storage buildings

If you are looking for long term durability, with low maintenance, a metal building, or steel storage building is probably what you want. Most of our modern metal storage buildings are built with sheet steel which is galvanized and well painted. These coverings are attractive and available in many colors, which can match almost any color combination on your property. Metal buildings are durable and need little in the way of special care. As a general rule, steel buildings are initially more expensive than wooden buildings.

Wood storage buildings

If you are dealing with a home owners association, or don’t mind spending a little time and money on maintaining your storage building, a wood storage building may be right for you. Wood storage buildings can be great in many situations, but they do require some attention to keep them looking good and doing their job properly. Painting and caulking should be done every year to 18 months to keep them weather proof. Composite shingle roofs may need attention from time to time as well. Wooden utility buildings usually have a lower initial cost.

Steel offers many advantages including durability and less maintenance, wood offers the advantage of lower initial cost and acceptability as far as home owner associations are concerned. Both have their place. There is one over riding issue that should be considered with either:

Quality materials and workmanship

Whatever building type you decide on, check for good construction techniques, and quality materials. No matter what type of building material is used, if it is not quality material, built with quality workmanship, you will not be happy in the long run.

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