Storage Sheds What They Are

Storage Sheds | What They Are

What is a storage shed?

Storage sheds, what they are, at least in common use today, are buildings made for the purpose of storing materials. They are used for many purposes, including workshops, home offices, hobby shops, video game rooms, and even home gyms.

Storage sheds for storage, and much more!

Because of their wide variety of uses, storage sheds would probably be better called portable utility buildings, but whatever you choose to call them, with just a little creative thinking,  they can add a lot to your lifestyle.

Strictly speaking, a shed is a flat roof, “lean to” type building with the legs on one side taller than the legs on the other side, allowing water to “shed” off the roof. This type of building is commonly found attached to the side of an existing building, and sometimes it forms the basis for a carport attached to a home. Shed type buildings are often built independently as pole barns for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Storage sheds in today’s language

Today, what most folks mean when they mention a shed, is the common portable utility building used in back yards for the purpose of storage or meeting some other need, as in “wood shed”, “storage shed”, “tool shed”, or “garden shed”. Storage sheds are not just for storage anymore! For more information on storage building uses see: Why do I need a storage shed.

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