Wood Storage Shed Maintenance

We believe metal is better, but, we offer a check list for maintaining wood buildings below:

At Sheds Texas, we have always believed that steel is the best covering for most utility buildings in most cases. Metal clad buildings are durable and modern coating technologies keep steel storage buildings looking good long after most wood or composite buildings have rotted beyond their usefulness. and for these reasons, they represent the best value over the long haul. This is a belief we still hold.

Reasons for owning a wood storage shed

While this is true, it is also true that many people will still find reasons to buy a wood storage building. One reason is initial cost, another is Home Owners Associations, who persist in the belief that all metal buildings are like their grandfathers old tin building. At any rate, and for whatever reason, we wanted to add some information on maintaining wood storage sheds for the best longevity possible.

Preventing moisture is the key

Moisture is second only to fire as the enemy of wood. To preserve your wooden structure, you need to prevent moisture from getting into the wood. This is accomplished with paint, stain, or some other type of wood preservative, to seal the moisture out. The edges and ends are most susceptible. The will need extra protection where they are exposed, or joined. This is the job of caulking and trim.

Develop a maintenance schedule

The best way to go about this is to have a schedule for cleaning, painting and sealing your wooden building. This is best done once a year, or at worst, every 18 months.

Wood storage shed maintenance checklist and tips

Please follow the order listed below. If you caulk the building, and then realize you need to level it, your caulking may separate when the building is being leveled.

  • Check the building for levelness. Do this first.
  • Check for wood to ground contact and correct this by adding concrete blocks if needed.
  • Check for termite trails on the sides of any concrete blocks.
  • Completely clean the entire building exterior. This is important for finding potential problems, and for assuring a clean surface that your coating can adhere to.
  • Check for missing or damaged shingles.
  • Remove any brush, limbs, or other debris.
  • Check the edges of the eves and overhangs to make sure that there is nothing rotting there. If there is any potential damage from moisture in this area, you should consider adding, or extending metal flashing.
  • Check directly under the roof, where it contacts the outside of the building, caulk any places where there are gaps. To check this, go inside the building , look around the top of the walls for light, and caulk until you can’t find any.
  • Check the corners of the building, once again, look for gaps, and caulk accordingly.
  • Check around doors, and windows.
  • Check the door and window weather stripping.
  • Check the siding, and caulk any exposed nail or screw holes.
wood sheds on Texas lot

Apply your paint, stain, or wood preservative only when these other steps have been taken, and the building is clean and dry.

If you do these things, it will increase the longevity of your building, and the building will stay in good condition as long as you do. When you stop, your wood storage shed will deteriorate.

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